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Family and kid show performers struggle to book enough gigs. Keep gigs coming easily, so you can rely on your income and have fun earning it.

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Book More Gigs

How easy would it be to book gigs if you knew exactly how to find customers who are not just willing to book you but are actually eager to book you?

Bring Joy to Families

It is time you become the
performer who brings fun and joy to families.

Imagine how they will love you.

Have More Resources for Your Family

You will have more resources to invest in your family’s future as you have fun and bring joy so many people.

Learn Exactly How to Book Gigs

Most family show pros struggle to book enough gigs just to pay the bills.

I give family show pros step-by-step, do-this-then-do-that actionable steps to book all the gigs they want.

Family show pros will be able to have more fun, make more money, and be the performer everyone loves in their market.

Your Time is Now

Instead of sitting there waiting for the phone to ring while everyone says give up on your dream as your bills pile up and your self-doubt grows;

Isn’t it time that you become the performer who tells your friends about all the fun, amazing gigs you do each week?

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